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Tile Cutting Wheel Tile Scoring Wheel Yg6X Carbide Cutting Wheel
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Product: Views:192Tile Cutting Wheel Tile Scoring Wheel Yg6X Carbide Cutting Wheel 
Unit price: Negotiable
Delivery date: Since the payment date Days delivery
Valid until: Long-term effective
Last updated: 2017-10-31 03:29

Replacement super carbide wheel,
High cutting speed, good cutting effect,
No need electricity and water, dust-free work,

Carbide tile cutting/scoring wheel Description:
This carbide tile cutting wheel offers both technical and economical advantages:
Cost improvement and stabilization
High work efficiency and dust-free work, no noise
High protrusion and strong diamond retention
Long service time over common cutting wheel.

Type: Construction Tool Parts
Material: Carbide, titanium coating available
Technical and economical advantages: Cost improvement, excellent carbide, safety guaranteed. 
Advantage High speed, good cutting effect, smooth cutting margin
Customized Products: Available as per drawing or sample
Hardness: 91.5HRA
Density: 6.1-14.8g/m3
Function: cutting porcelain, mosaic, glass & glaze, ceramic, paver,etc.
Cutting life: 2000m
TRS(ISO3327): 2200N/MM2
Characteristics: Easy to use, dust-free work, no noise, Long service time

Carbide tile cutting/scoring wheel Specification:

Ceramic tile scoring Type and Grade
Type Basic size(mm) Grade
outside diameter(OD) inside diameter (ID) Thickness Angle HSSC-1 HSSC-2 HSSC-3 HSSC-4
Service life(≥m)
Φ22×Φ14×2.6 22 14 2.6 90° 100° 110° 120° 2000 800 400 200
Φ22×Φ14×2.0 22 14 2
Φ22×Φ13×2.0 22 13 2
Φ22×Φ12×2.2 22 12 2.2
Φ22×Φ10.5×2.0 22 10.5 2
Φ22×Φ6×4.6 22 6 4.6
Φ22×Φ6×2.0 22 6 2
Φ20×Φ5×3.0 20 5 3
Φ18×Φ6×3.0 18 6 3
Φ18×Φ6×3.8 18 6 3.8
Φ16×Φ6×4.9 16 6 4.9
Φ16×Φ6×3.0 16 6 3
Φ16×Φ6×2.0 16 6 2
Φ16×Φ6×1.5 16 6 1.5
Φ16×Φ4×3.0 16 4 3
Φ15×Φ6×2.9 15 6 2.9
Φ15×Φ6×2.0 15 6 2
Φ15×Φ6×1.5 15 6 1.5
Φ14×Φ6×1.5 14 6 1.5
Φ13.5×Φ6×2.0 13.5 6 2
Φ13.5×Φ6×1.5 13.5 6 1.5
Φ13.5×Φ6×1.0 13.5 6 1
Φ12×Φ3×3.0 12 3 3
Φ10×Φ4×3.0 10 4 3
Φ8×Φ1.5×1.1 8 1.5 1.1
Φ7×Φ1.9×1.2 7 1.9 1.2
Φ6.4×Φ1.5×1.3 6.4 1.5 1.3

tolerance of OD:±0.05mm; 
tolerance of ID:±0.05mm;
tolerance of Thickness :±0.05mm; 
Can be produced according to customer requirements,

Keywords: carbide scoring wheels, tile cutting wheel, non-powered tool, tile cutter & accessories,
glass cutting wheel, clay ceramic & porcelain mosaic tile &granulated materials cutter wheel, tiling
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Changsha Langfeng Metallic Material Co.,Ltd has been a specialist in metallic carbide powders for many years,
our products include: ZrC, Cr3C2, HfC,Mo2C, NbC, TaC, TiC, VC, Ti(C,N);Ti (C,N) based cermet rods/ inserts/blanks; and W-Co tile cutting wheel;

1.metallic carbide powder: Zirconium Carbide Powder ZrC,Chromium Carbide powder Cr3C2, Hafnium Carbide powder HfC, Molybdenum Carbide powder Mo2C, Niobium Carbide powder NbC, Tantalum Carbide powder TaC, Titanium Carbide powder TiC, Vanadium Carbide powder VC, Titanium Carbide Nitrides, Ti(C,N).
Key raw materials of: thermal spray,plasma coating,semiconductor,3d printing,abrasives, carbide cutting tools,cermet products, welding materials, military industry, aerospace industry,etc.

2. compound carbide powder:(Ta,Nb)C powder, (W,Ti)C powder, (W,Ta)C powder, (Ti,Ta)C powder,(W,Ti ,Ta)C powder, (W,Ti,Ta,Nb)C powder 
For thermal spray,plasma coating, military industry, aerospace industry,etc.

3. Ti (C,N) based cermet rods/ inserts/blanks;
a.Better wear properties than carbide
b. b.Longer tool life leads to less machine down time
c.Higher cutting speeds result in greater productivity
d.Superior surface finish eliminates many secondary operations.
(suitable for CNC cutting tools,PCB, milling tools,indexable inserts,etc)

4.W-Co tile cutting wheel:

Will you want a try? I will always do my best to support you!
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